Prisoning People

Prison Illustration

Young is time to fun, learn new things, and reach our dream. Some people got that chances and the others did not. For those who did not get it, ending in prison is usually the outcome. This is a dilemma which needs to resolve accordingly.

I agree that abusive young people are dangerous to society. But, is prison the best way handling this issue? Or even it will make them worse. Prison, in my mind, is like two sides of a blade which sometimes it is going to harm ourselves.

What is the prison for? Disenchanting, alienating, or even slaughtering people? I think those three are the purpose of being in prison. California Youth Authority as known as CYA based on video and website information is a place for alienating and slaughtering abusive juvenile. This cycle of law will cost a lot of money to the country. Not only in the United States but also in every country applying this method is going to cost them a lot of money.

Bottom line, the best way treating mistreating young people is not by poisoning or alienating them. Treat them with passion. Remember that they are juveniles which sometimes prefer using their emotion than the brain. They need counsellors, teachers, and rehabilitation places. Rehabilitation places itself are a shape of punishment for insulting juveniles. They, therefore, will get reward and punishment at the same time with this plan of action.

Let me know what your thoughts!

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