QuickMapServices Now Supports QGIS 3.0+

In my previous article, describing how to add google maps (and other base maps) to QGIS without any installed plugins, I explained briefly to do such tasks. The way to do this is quite simple yet not practical for beginners. I expected one of the notable plugins of adding web base maps on QGIS, QuickMapServices, to support QGIS 3.0. It turns out that in this very day the developer of QuickMapServices, NextGIS, offers to support the plugin to QGIS 3.0+. This is something to hurrah about.
I tested the plugin. QuickMapServices supporting QGIS 3.0 comes in version 0.19.6. The number of provided basemaps have not changed from the last version, which is still plenty. Nonetheless, some basemaps need API KEY to work (and some to just prevent “Need API KEY” sign to appear). To get the API KEY of certain basemaps, just visit the website of the base map providers and follow the instruction. However, since NextGIS as the developer of the plugin does not allow users to customize the base map settings, including API Key to particular basemaps is not attainable yet.

Provided web basemaps in version 0.19.6 are in the following:

Basemaps supported by QuickMapServices

As for the information, there are two ways to install QuickMapServices, either one will work perfectly.

  • Click Plugins Menu > Manage & Install Plugins. It will connect to QGIS Plugins repository and can take some time, depending upon the internet connection. In search tab, just type QuickMap. Click Install Plugin and you’re good to go.



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