Introduction to Heatmap on QGIS

What is a Heatmap? It can be defined heatmap as a graphical illustration of data that makes use of a network of colour-rules to illustrate various values of data. Heatmap also was known as shading matrices in which heatmap is a newer term. Heatmaps are utilized in many shapes of analytics, including web application, biology, weather, mosaic plot, traffic, and a density role visualization. 

In this introduction and following heatmap series, I’d like to focus on heatmap as a density role visualization. If you are from an ArcGIS user, Heatmap on QGIS is as powerful as on ArcGIS, or even neater. On ArcGIS, heatmap is shown as a kernel density, whereas QGIS shows heatmap as it is under interpolation.

There are two ways to create heatmaps on QGIS: through processing toolbox and through symbology under layer properties. The former way provides more options and features compared with the later way.

QGIS Ride and Run World Basemap acquired from Strava Hotmap

Stay tuned for further discussion on QGIS’ heatmap in my upcoming articles.

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